The Blue Reform was established in 2017 – the year when Finland celebrated its 100 years of independence. Blue Reform is a reform oriented party based on conservative values. Our aim is to reform the Finnish society and enhance security for all of our citizens.”In the past Finland succeeded in developing a country, that became one of the wealthiest and most secure in the world. The prevailing system is thus worth defending but at the same time Finnish society has to continue renewing and developing, so that no one is left behind or unable to contribute to society. Young people must have the sense that their future is bright and even brighter than the generation before. Many people feel that the old parties are only taking care of the business of their respective interest groups, like the trade unions. The Blue Reform is a new and unattached option for the old parties and their stalemate politics. We want to change the way politics is made in Finland.

The Reformer

The Blue Reform is a reform-oriented party for change. Our only political interest group is the Finnish people. We want to remove party politics from politics and concentrate on finding solutions and delivering results. Our method is to be radically honest and to speak directly. We put our trust in people, not in the markets or corporate power. We are pragmatical rather than ideological. We offer solutions that work for the benefit of the people and fix what does not.

The Builder

The Blue Reform is a political start-up. Finland can thrive only if more and more people have the courage to think out of the box. Going against the stream springs up new success stories in business, institutions and politics.
The core values of the Blue Reform are reformism, patriotism, entrepreneurship as well as hope. People need encouragement to develop their skills and do good, which will benefit the whole society. We understand needs of young people in the digitalising world. We want strongly to support families and to promote gender equality. We respect pensioners and defend Finnish jobs. We are tax reform of the middle classes. Especially taxation of workers and small business owners has to be lowered.

The Securer

The Blue Reform is a patriotic party. We think that security is a fundamental right. The Blue Reform respects Christian values, including the equal and indivisible value of a human being. Finland is a part of the West and the European Union. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world. Finland cannot shut its borders since it is dependable on trade and foreign workforce. At the same time borders have to be secured and controlled. Finland needs realism without racism.

EU policy of the Blue Reform is critical and reformist. Blue Reform believes that the EU should be a union of nation states, rather than a federal state. EU needs a thorough reform. The Brexit vote showed that the EU has to change its course. It lacks democracy, which calls for a fundamental shift in the EU decision-making.

The Blue Reform wants to bring hope where there’s none. We started our activities differently than expected – that is how we will act in the future too, when the interest of the nation requires it.

Speech is cheap – Blue Reform brings results. Get involved in creating Finland’s new century!

EU Politics of the Blue Reform

The EU policy of the Blue Reform is critical and reformist. Blue Reform believes that the EU should be a union of nation states, rather than a federal construction. The EU needs a thorough reform. The EU lacks democracy, which calls for a fundamental shift in the EU decision-making. The principle of subsidiarity and national sovereignty ought to be better respected and the Commissioners elected at the national level. The EU needs also more flexibility so that specific conditions in the individual Member States would be taken into account better. The loss of sovereignty was the one of the biggest motivations behind affirmative Brexit vote in 2016. That is why the EU needs more democratic accountability and decentralisation.


Sampo Terho

Jari Lindström, Tiina Elovaara and Tiina Ahva
Vice Chairmen 


Simon Elo
Group Leader

Tiina Elovaara, Ari Jalonen and Lea Mäkipää
Vice Chairmen of the Group


Sampo Terho
Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport

Timo Soini
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Jussi Niinistö
Minister of Defence

Jari Lindström
Minister of Employment

Pirkko Mattila
Minister of Social Affairs and Health


Ari Jalonen
Transport and Communications Committee, Chairman


Simon Elo
The Grand Committee, First Deputy Chairman

Kari Kulmala
Agriculture and Forestry Committee, Vice Chairman


Meri Leppänen
Press Officer
tel. +358 50 574 2139
FI-00102 Parliament of Finland

Maija Karjalainen
Secretary for International Affairs
tel. +358 50 4635942
FI-00102 Parliament of Finland